30 – DEMON (Part 1)


Part 1 of 2. We scratch the surface of the Abyss and discover Chris doesn’t like organized chaos and doesn’t like the TV show Stranger Things (probably for the second or third time). Wes soothes his wrathful soul with the cure for demons (and also a reasonable defense of the TV show Stranger Things.)

29 – Find Familiar – Bonus Solo Episode


The lights are still on here at Monster Manual Mash, but before we let the goblins back out of their bags, Wes has gone rogue and would like to elucidate on the finer points of the “Find Familiar” Spell.


Myth, history, human psyche, crunchy numbers and bad improv: these are the tools Chris and Wes use every week to dredge meaning and knowledge from every page of the Dungeons and Dragons official Monster Manual, all to help you run the most memorable game sessions ever.

1 – Aarakocra

Welcome to Monster Manual Mash!

We are no one in particular, and we pick apart every entry in the Dungeons and Dragons monster manual, drawing from history, mythology, arm-chair psychology, pop culture and our own improv to figure out what makes each one tick.

BEHOLD! The Aaraokocra!

What do bird people from the elemental plane of air have to do with Buddhism, Romulans, and the planet Jupiter? Maybe if you LISTENED you would know, ok?

NOTE: We botched the quality of the recording so it sounds tinny. Wes fixes some of it part way through but, it is what it is. Rather than rerecord and lose the spontaneity and energy of our conversation, we are asking you to grin and bear it this time around. Don’t be precious. Sorry. Sorry. We get better!